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Better Together: Into the Woods + Lumina Tarot + Connected & Free Alchemist's Oracle

You know you've been hit STRONG by the collector's bug when a deck you already have a copy off suddenly comes in a new edition and you are compelled to purchase it. Even if it's kind of, sort of the same thing, even if only a few cards are a little different, even when shipping from Australia (argh) costs arm and a leg.

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Tarot Top 5: Tarot for Down Days

Songwriters come up with their hits when they're at their lows, we pull out our journals when we've got a bunch of complaining to do or anger to be released, and oftentimes, we turn to the cards when we need some cheering up. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's shuffled the cards as an alternative to: a. calling up a friend and talking about the same problem for the 100000th time, b. going out for a few drinks (I don't drink, so therein lies the problem…), or c. Netflix as a way of forgetting.

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Tarot Top 5: Independence Edition

We celebrate a sort-of independence here in the Philippines this week, in honor of the People Power Revolution of 1986. While the country isn't exactly at peace at the moment (and neither is the world… but let's not get into politics!), I thought I would draw inspiration this week from the idea of independence and freedom, put on a more personal scale.

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