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Better Together: Dark Days Tarot + Many Moons

I never expected I'd be using this book and this deck together, but they serendipitously fell into my hands at about the same time… and it was Kismet! I was on the tail end of my Seattle trip when I spotted Many Moons by Modern Women at the gift shop of my hotel. It was June 30th, and felt like exactly the right time to snap up this book, which I've seen over the years splashed all over my Instagram feed. I never actually thought of purchasing it since it isn't readily available in Manila… but I wanted a nice souvenir from Seattle and this seemed like the very perfect one.

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Shop Crush: Sugarpill • Seattle, WA

Confession: I did some panic deck buying right before I left for Canada. Thanks to Bakara Wintner's and Everyday Magic's Instagram Stories and posts, I became completely enthralled by the Dark Days Tarot. I did some research on the deck and found out that Sugarpill Apothecary in Seattle carried it. My plan was to head to the store and get it there… until I spotted an announcement via the Dark Days newsletter that they were running out of decks. My freak out ensued, and I bought my copy online even if I knew it would arrive while I was away. 

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