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Deck Showdown: Paulina Tarot vs. the Delos Tarot

Sugar and spice, and everything nice

Whenever I want to use some cards that are lighthearted, friendly and feminine, these two instantly come to mind. Both are very sweet and take on similar, but different storybook-like aesthetics… something that reminds me of bedtime stories from my childhood. I guess that's why I turn to these decks when I know a client needs to hear uplifting messages (versus punch-you-in-the-face truths), and it's why I use these for my daily draws when I know I have a long, hard day ahead of me.

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Deck Collectors' Challenge: Day 7 to 12

Last week, I started the #tarotcollectorchallenge by  (it's never too late to join a challenge, even one that started in January!). It's been fun to go through my decks and really think about their similarities and differences, and how they've fit in (or out) of my life. It's always fun to take someone's tag and run with it — I'm hoping my insights help you sort through your own collections.

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