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5 Things I Learned From Doing a Deck Declutter

I’m interrupting my blog hiatus because I feel compelled to write about this little project of mine. I didn’t really mean to do a deck declutter because I’ve been really happy about my deck collection. If you’ve read the reviews up here, you know that I’m pretty careful about the purchases I make—they have to make sense, I have to actually like what I’m buying, and while some of my decks have been a result of #feelingspendy, I’m pretty mindful about acquiring stuff.

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Literary Deck: The Emily Dickinson Tarot

I'm not a huge poetry fan (I can appreciate it, but I know very little about it), but I do appreciate English literature every now and again (check out my post on the Tarot of Jane Austen). Another thing I do appreciate is a fresh take on the tarot—anything contemporary, modern, with a healthy dose of 90s grunge. When I spotted the Emily Dickinson Tarot over at Beth Maiden's blog, I promptly made my way to the Factory Hollow Press website to check it out.

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New Moon: Consider the Conventional

As much as I value spontaneity, creative freedom, and artistic shenanigans, I have high respect for tradition. I took up piano for 13 years (I was never really good at it, but I feel that all those Saturday mornings spent at the keyboard did drill a sh*t ton of discipline in me), memorizing dates for history class is my idea of a fun time, and I appreciate hard work.

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