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How do I Choose which Deck to Use?

One of the most frequent questions I get, whether I'm doing online or offline readings, is about deck choice. Clients, especially those outside the tarot community who don't know about the plethora of artwork and independently produced decks, typically go to a tarot reading expecting a classic like the Rider Waite-Smith. So when they're presented with cards that don't have a "scary Devil" or esoteric symbolism that may appear sinister or super mysterious, they're instantly intrigued.

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New Moon: Where the Light Is

This New Moon, let's try and figure out where we find light in our lives. It's way too easy to give in to shadows and darkness and just stay in that space of wallowing, grief and sadness… but when we pull cards that remind us that light does exist, it may be just that much easier to work our way towards whatever optimism and positivity that eludes us.

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Tarot Top 5: Tarot for Down Days

Songwriters come up with their hits when they're at their lows, we pull out our journals when we've got a bunch of complaining to do or anger to be released, and oftentimes, we turn to the cards when we need some cheering up. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's shuffled the cards as an alternative to: a. calling up a friend and talking about the same problem for the 100000th time, b. going out for a few drinks (I don't drink, so therein lies the problem…), or c. Netflix as a way of forgetting.

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