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My Go-To Spread (III): The Four Bodies

One of the biggest takeaways I'd gotten from one of my yoga mentors, Dona Tumacder-Esteban, was the Four Bodies meditation. Before class, we would have a sit, and she would ask us to imagine a body of water for every aspect mentioned: Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit. Dona attributes the guided meditation to Angeles Arrien, a cultural anthropologist who wrote "The Four-Fold Way."

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Deck Update: The Illest Tarot v 2.0

FACT: I'm never going to stop talking about how much I love the Illest Tarot. SERIOUSLY. It's been six months (!) since I've been using this deck exclusively for my daily draws and I am still in the can't stop won't stop zone. I reviewed this deck (on Valentine's Day this year, as it turns out) here and if you haven't yet heard about this amazing indie creation yet, please get yourself out from under your rock, click on the link and learn everything you can about it RIGHT NOW.

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