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Tarot x 5: Light Grey Tarot

I've always had a soft spot for independently produced decks, and while the Wild Unknown was my first non-mass market deck, it was already gaining traction in the tarot community by the time I noticed it (I got it from Urban Outfitters after all). The Light Grey Tarot, however, I think, initiated me into the world of decks that are illustrated and created by small groups of people who share a love for art and, in some ways, the occult.

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Better Together: The Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

The Light Grey Tarot was the fifth tarot deck I ever bought (I keep track of these things), and it was my introduction to the eponymous Minnesota-based art studio behind it. Apart from holding an art gallery, Light Grey Art Lab also conducts workshops on everything from jewelry design to reading the tarot. I love the carefully curated artwork of their deck—it's no mean feat to gather works from 78 artists and get them together in a cohesive, well-thought out deck.

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New Moon: Consider the Conventional

As much as I value spontaneity, creative freedom, and artistic shenanigans, I have high respect for tradition. I took up piano for 13 years (I was never really good at it, but I feel that all those Saturday mornings spent at the keyboard did drill a sh*t ton of discipline in me), memorizing dates for history class is my idea of a fun time, and I appreciate hard work.

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