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Better Together: Into the Woods + Lumina Tarot + Connected & Free Alchemist's Oracle

You know you've been hit STRONG by the collector's bug when a deck you already have a copy off suddenly comes in a new edition and you are compelled to purchase it. Even if it's kind of, sort of the same thing, even if only a few cards are a little different, even when shipping from Australia (argh) costs arm and a leg.

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Upside Down: The Hanged Man

From one of my challenge cards, Justice, we move on to one of the cards that sometimes feels threatening or scary for clients who aren't used to tarot imagery. The Hanged Man does, after all, typically show you someone who's literally turned feet over head. But by infusing your readings with some positivity and perspective, it's possible to find opportunity in this precariously positioned Major Arcana character.

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Luck of the Draw: Wheel of Fortune

Unlike a lot of the symbolism found in the tarot, the Wheel of Fortune is one thing that's still very present in the zeitgeist. You could be familiar with the game show or maybe have heard the term in a heist / gambling / casino-type movie… Even without any tarot associations, it's easy to equate the term "Wheel of Fortune" with chance and luck.

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