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5 Things I Learned From Doing a Deck Declutter

I’m interrupting my blog hiatus because I feel compelled to write about this little project of mine. I didn’t really mean to do a deck declutter because I’ve been really happy about my deck collection. If you’ve read the reviews up here, you know that I’m pretty careful about the purchases I make—they have to make sense, I have to actually like what I’m buying, and while some of my decks have been a result of #feelingspendy, I’m pretty mindful about acquiring stuff.

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New Moon: Where the Light Is

This New Moon, let's try and figure out where we find light in our lives. It's way too easy to give in to shadows and darkness and just stay in that space of wallowing, grief and sadness… but when we pull cards that remind us that light does exist, it may be just that much easier to work our way towards whatever optimism and positivity that eludes us.

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Better Together: English Magic + Mayhem Tarot Decks

"Dark and twisty" — one of the Grey's Anatomy terms that stuck with me, I feel, is the most appropriate way to capture the spirit of these two graphic novel-esque card decks. I've never been a graphic novel type person (not even a comic book - turned blockbuster superhero movie type person), but the illustration style of these two decks instantly captured my attention.

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