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Deck Review: The Mesquite Tarot

Because I live all the way in Manila, I always thought that Kickstarter would not be a good deck-shopping option for me. Kickstarter decks take a lot of time to actually reach the production stage—waiting that long can be tough on your regular eager beaver (🙋)… having to wait another couple of months for shipping to actually get the deck to me is even more difficult.

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Tarot Top 5: Decks I'm Excited About

A little disclaimer before I dive into these exciting decks that will be part of my collection—through hell or high water! I write my posts way in advance so as of this writing (it's the beginning of August right now), none of these decks are actually available. Some may be shipping quite soon and are on my pre-order list, so by the time this blog is published, I may already have them in possession—and, good news, they just may be available for you to snap up too. ;)

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