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Better Together: The Hippie-Dippie Osho Zen and Morgan's Tarot

Is time traveling through the tarot possible? I say YAY, because these two decks are proof that you can leave the present and head straight back into the new age movement of the 1960s and 1970s without having to leave your seat. Whether you're a counterculture fan and love the slightly strange, immensely trippy vibe of the 60s or would like to delve deep into spirituality and meditative movements of the 70s, you're surely going to get some answers with the Morgan's Tarot and the Osho Zen Tarot.

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Deck Dissection: Figuring Out What Cards Mean

But what does it all mean?

When I was new to tarot I honestly did not think I would ever memorize what all 78 cards meant. I tried to study everything through memorization when I first got the Jane Austen Tarot—I had a cheat sheet on me at all times and when I was stuck in traffic, I would try to test myself. It stuck for a few days and all that "work" eventually wore me down and that was that.

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