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My Go-To Spread (II): Do / Stop / Continue

I've written before about how I'm not really a "spreads" kind of tarot reader. I stick to the basics pretty much—the Celtic Cross, which isn't the most popular spread among modern readers; the spreads within my Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth (mostly because it helps to have a visual to help me recall positions and meanings); and your garden variety three-card spreads.

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Decisions, Decisions: Judgement

It's a good thing that Judgement comes towards the end of the Major Arcana because if I had to write about this one first, I don't think I would have lasted through this whole series. Judgement is one of my big shadow cards and I owe this mainly to the way it's depicted in the RWS—giant angel in the sky, naked people with their arms raised up. Not my favorite image!

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Behind the Shadows: The Moon

I love this part of the Major Arcana… when you finish with the scary cards (you know the ones) and start soaring into the skies with the heavenly bodies. The Moon is probably the dark horse among the Star, the Moon and the Sun, but I still like it (despite my propensity to favor shiny happy cards over the dark and mysterious ones). Read on to see how I tackle the Major Arcana's 18th player.

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