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How do I Choose which Deck to Use?

One of the most frequent questions I get, whether I'm doing online or offline readings, is about deck choice. Clients, especially those outside the tarot community who don't know about the plethora of artwork and independently produced decks, typically go to a tarot reading expecting a classic like the Rider Waite-Smith. So when they're presented with cards that don't have a "scary Devil" or esoteric symbolism that may appear sinister or super mysterious, they're instantly intrigued.

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Deck Review: The Sacred Creators Oracle

Before the Sacred Creators Oracle, I was adamantly against buying any decks that had copy instead of full-on images. But I found myself in a big creative slump mid-2017 and didn't know how to get out of it. I gave myself a couple of options: a. take another online course with my favorite online teacher and writer of beautiful monthly Love Letters (what she calls her newsletter), Susannah Conway; or b. find a more cost-effective alternative. I was prepping for my big vacation and couldn't afford to shell out a chunk of my earnings on an e-course so I decided to do some self-study instead.

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