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Tarot x 5: The Sakki Sakki Tarot

I've been working primarily freelance ever since I graduated from college, with a couple of consultancy gigs that have given me full-time work anywhere from three months to 11 months (yes, I never lasted a year doing full time, LOL). But things began to shift for me after I'd said ta-ta to yoga as a "job," and had absolute luck finding a part-time job working with a local start-up to append my freelance gigs. 

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Shine Your Light: The Sun

Here comes the sun, little darling. Whether I'm reading Lenormand or Tarot, whenever this card comes up, I feel a little better. Like the ray of sunshine it symbolizes, and like the Beatles say, the Sun is a sign that "it's all right." And really—when you're pulling cards for yourself or are asking someone to read for you, all you really want to know is that everything's going to be alright… right?

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