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Reading for Others: Meeting the Unexpected with Grace

I totally espouse reading for oneself, especially since I primarily consider tarot as a wonderful tool to get to know yourself. Integrating tarot into your spiritual practice—whether that's yoga asana or meditation or journaling in a coffee shop every Saturday morning is wonderful. It helps you dig into the crevices of your Self that you wouldn't normally dare to on your own.

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Better Together: The Sasuraibito Tarot and the Awakened Soul Oracle

For most of my readings, I like drawing from two to three decks. Mixing up the tarot with oracle is a favorite practice of mine because I get the best of both worlds—the structure of the tarot and the soft, affirming hug that an oracle delivers (granted, not all oracle decks are all-affirming and the ones I do own also carry a lot of hard-hitting shadow messages).

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