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Accomplishment: The World

When I started this Major Arcana series, I thought it would be a fun idea to move through the Fool's Journey one card at a time, one week at a time. Now that I've reached the final card, I can honestly say that while it was fun for a while, it was not a walk in the park! I felt like it was taking forever and it made me incredibly restless at times, with certain cards I felt like I had absolutely nothing to say, and many times, writing the series felt like a huge chore. But I barreled through it and hey, I'M DONE. I am totally feeling The World vibes right now.

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Make a Wish: The Star

I find that adults don't take to the act of wishing as easily as kids do. On birthdays, kids put a lot of thought into what they ask for just before they blow out their candles. Adults, on the other hand, have had so many birthdays and (unfortunately) a run of unfulfilled wishes that asking for something well out of one's reach just isn't as appealing as it used to be.

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Fair is Fair: Justice

When I think of Justice, my mind immediately goes to fairness—people getting their just desserts. When we're on the losing end of a black and white situation and feel we've been unfairly treated, we sometimes wish that someone would intervene and defend us. In this card, that would be Lady Justice… the person whose role is to help restore balance in any situation.

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