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Tarot Top 5: Tarot for Down Days

Songwriters come up with their hits when they're at their lows, we pull out our journals when we've got a bunch of complaining to do or anger to be released, and oftentimes, we turn to the cards when we need some cheering up. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's shuffled the cards as an alternative to: a. calling up a friend and talking about the same problem for the 100000th time, b. going out for a few drinks (I don't drink, so therein lies the problem…), or c. Netflix as a way of forgetting.

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New Moon: Surrender to Change

It isn't just during tarot readings with different clients that I meet people who are slightly intolerant of change. I have friends who stress out about disruptions in their daily routines (why! is! my! neighborhood! Starbucks! out! of! my! favorite! salad! today!); and buddies who know let the fear of change get in the way of Big Life Plans (moving to the other side of the world, reconciling with an ex, or even having kids). 

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How Tarot Tells a Story

What helps me a lot with reading the tarot is the fact that I write for a living. It's probably the one thing I've done consistently and constantly for the longest time. Even as a kid, I was always making up stories, creating my own "books," and scribbling in my journal. These days, I look at tarot cards as different points in a story—I string everything together to create a narrative that, if all goes well, doesn't just take a client (or "character") through a journey, but also provides resolution and inspires a next (and a next, and a next…) chapter.

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