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My Go-To Spread (II): Do / Stop / Continue

I've written before about how I'm not really a "spreads" kind of tarot reader. I stick to the basics pretty much—the Celtic Cross, which isn't the most popular spread among modern readers; the spreads within my Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth (mostly because it helps to have a visual to help me recall positions and meanings); and your garden variety three-card spreads.

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Better Together: Animal Wisdom + Animal Spirit

Reading with animals isn't easy for me, and I imagine there are a lot of people out there too who don't immediately connect to these kinds of cards. When The Wild Unknown released its Animal Spirit oracle cards, there was no question about whether I would get them or not… The Wild Unknown has always been my #1 deck and every time an email alert from Kim Krans pops up in my inbox, I'm there—no question.

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Full Moon Reading: Positivity Pep Talk

The Full Moon message today hinges on trust in the Self. We can't blame ourselves for going into a panic when life throws us curveballs. While we all hope to be as detached as we can from the downs of life, it's only normal to feel thrown off course. But when the emotional tizzy settles down and when you're left with the question, "What next?," trust that your experience, your intuition, and all that practical knowledge you've acquired over the years will lead you towards the right path.

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