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My Go-To Spread (II): Do / Stop / Continue

I've written before about how I'm not really a "spreads" kind of tarot reader. I stick to the basics pretty much—the Celtic Cross, which isn't the most popular spread among modern readers; the spreads within my Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth (mostly because it helps to have a visual to help me recall positions and meanings); and your garden variety three-card spreads.

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Better Together: The Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth + the Divina Tarot

I made a very conscious and purposeful decision last year to get these two items for myself for Christmas. When The Wild Unknown announced that they would be releasing spirit cloths, there was bsolutely no question that I was going to buy them—it was just a matter of when. I was lucky enough to chance upon a Black Friday sale post-Thanksgiving, so I snapped up both the black and white cloths for myself in time for the holidays. The Divina, on the other hand, I had been watching closely on the Spirit Speak Instagram account for weeks and as soon as they went on sale, I headed straight over to Etsy and purchased my copy without thinking twice. 

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