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New Moon: Where the Light Is

This New Moon, let's try and figure out where we find light in our lives. It's way too easy to give in to shadows and darkness and just stay in that space of wallowing, grief and sadness… but when we pull cards that remind us that light does exist, it may be just that much easier to work our way towards whatever optimism and positivity that eludes us.

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New Moon: Work vs. the Doldrums

Here's a familiar scenario: You're stuck at your desk, knowing full well that your employer / boss / Entrepreneur To Do List is waiting on you to get things done. Technically, you know how to get results but Real Life is getting in the way. When a lot of stuff is happening outside the workplace— and I mean the kind of stuff that stirs up emotions in not-so-good ways — it can be extremely difficult to get back to business and just get on with your top priorities. 

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