BRB: The blog's taking a short hiatus!

I'm going on vacation, kids 👋👋

It's been a year and four months since I put up this website and the Practical Magic IG page and wow, did I underestimate just how much I had and could say about the tarot and spiritual practice in my little, modern, pop culture heavy bubble. Creating content for this site has allowed me to make so many new friends on and offline, it's allowed me to share a bit of myself, and I think most importantly, it's helped me reacquaint myself with ME.

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Tarot x 5: Morgan's Tarot

Just a few months after I'd gotten my first tarot decks, I already knew that I favored decks that were non-traditional and modern. I spotted this at a new age store near Christmas time. My yoga friends and I were having a regular get together over smoothies and vegetarian food (yes, cliches abound) and my eyes immediately drifted to one of the shelves where this deck was positioned. It was purple! Black and white hand drawn images! Hippie dippie! Right away, I was sold.

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Tarot Top 5: Tools for the Modern Tarot Girl/Guy

Like a lot of tarot nerds, I love my stationery products and have a go at some retail therapy every now and again. Unlike most people in the spiritual community though, I'm not too into altars and the like, so the tools of the trade that furnish and equip my practice are quite different. I go through my current favorites when it comes to fashioning and accessorizing my cards and why they work for me.

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