International pre-orders: US $40 + shipping and handling

US and Canada: US $40 + US $16, shipping first week of July 2018

Europe, estimate ship date September 2018

Philippine orders: PhP 1800 + shipping and handling

Metro Manila: PhP 1800 + PhP 170

Northern / Southern Luzon: PhP 1800 + PhP 180

Visayas / Mindanao: PhP 1800 + PhP 210

The Practical Magic Starter Deck uses modern imagery and everyday themes based on the traditional tarot meanings (as depicted by the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck). Its catchphrases, symbols and colors are all meant to put the tarot into a modern context.

Perfect for newbies who want to dip their feet into the tarot or for enthusiasts who are looking for a different spin on the usual, traditional cards, this Starter Deck is a tool you can use to connect to your intuition. It serves as a direct line to the answers you have within you, and its aim is for you to approach life more empowered, inspired, motivated and guided.

*All cards were created using Collage Kits provided by online magazine, Rookie. 
*Decks come with a mini zine sized to fit alongside your deck. If you'd like a full-on A5 sized PDF, it'll be available upon request. (Good for those who've got to squint to read tiny letters!)
*Decks come with an embroidered canvas pouch, but standby, Glossier *pink pouches* will soon be available too!

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