E-Mail Reading, Full

800 to 1000-word PDF delivered to your inbox in three days, $35

When you're looking to experience major shifts in your life but don't exactly know how to get there, this is the reading for you. We can start out with a conversation about where you're particularly confused or about what areas of your life need some clarity, then we move on to a general reading that assesses your present and how you can tweak your future possibilities.

If you're coming in blind and don't really have specific questions, that works too. The cards become a jumping off point to reading your present state and we look into opportunities that may open up for you depending on where you are in life right now.

A reading never aims to predict what's going to happen—it's there to help you see the many options (because there are many of them!) that lie ahead.

If you prefer to do your reading in real time via FaceTime or through an online call, that option is available to you too. I do advise on going for the e-mail though, so you have a written record you can keep going back to again and again.