Q. Can you predict my future?

A. No. I use the tarot to help you understand what’s going on at present. I don’t believe anything is set in stone—the tarot is supposed to help you discover your agency so you can empower yourself. If you’re going to ask the cards if someone’s your soul mate, if you’re going to get a job, what country you will be moving to, or if your immigration papers will be approved, please look for another reader.

Q. Can i ask yes or no questions?

A. I avoid YES or NO questions because I feel they are limiting. I can help you reframe your inquiries so that we get a broad scope of possibilities so you don’t just get a hard yes or no.

Q. Can I ask about someone?

A. I’m not a mind reader so I won’t be able to tell you what someone’s thinking or feeling. What I can do is talk about a person in relation to you. Tarot readings only reflect back what’s going on in your subconscious (and your subconscious alone).


Q. Where do you do in-person readings?

A. I meet in-person clients in coffee shops within the Greenhills neighborhood. I make sure to choose a spot that’s pretty private so you don’t have to worry about people listening in. If you’re from BGC, the South, or the Makati area and don’t want to make the trek to Greenhills, kindly book an online reading instead. I travel abroad from time to time and will be able to meet up with you if schedule permits. Dates and cities will be posted on Instagram.


Q. Can my friends listen in on my readings?

A. Sure, as long as they don’t get in the way of our conversation. You can take photos of the cards or do a voice recording too if that’s your thing.

Q. How often can I get readings?

A. I recommend spacing out readings by at least a month.

Q. Do you do refunds?

A. No. If you don’t show up at our designated schedule or if you’re not happy with your online reading, I do not do refunds. Showing up and pulling cards online takes up energy and this serves as protection for me.


A. Yes. Just contact me and I’ll send you the rates.


All information given to me by my clients is kept confidential.

Any advice I give isn’t absolute. Your decisions are 100% yours.

I can’t give medical, legal, or financial advice as I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or professional financial consultant. Tarot readings are in no way a replacement for licensed and professional mental health services.

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

I believe that tarot readings provide comfort, hold space for self-exploration, and are a way to create strategies to serve your best and highest good.