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PRICES FOR ONLINE READINGS ARE IN $. HOW DOes this work if i’m from the Philippines?

Just click or tap that “Buy Now” button. PayPal automatically converts your purchase to whatever currency your credit card holds.

Can you tell me about my future?

Yes and no. Practical Magic tarot readings help clarify the present so that you can figure out what courses of action you can take in the future. It’s in this context that readings can give you a sneak peek at possibilities that could lie ahead.

What they won’t do is predict what will happen. The future isn’t set in stone. Predictions are disempowering because they don’t consider how you do have a hand in what happens to you next.

Can my life go in a completely different direction than what comes up in a tarot reading?

Absolutely! A tarot reading, at best, presents you with a snapshot of what’s happening now so you can map out what happens next. Life involves things that are bigger than ourselves—other people, the weather, breaking news, etc.—stuff we can’t possibly know about 100% of the time.

Plus, if you want to take different action steps, head down an unexpected path, or do nothing at all, that’s totally your right and your choice.

Do online readings really work if I’m not the one picking the cards?

Yes they do. I put a lot of focus and intention when I shuffle and draw cards for online readings.

And because the tarot is a broad enough system that stretches out to include the full human experience, the chances that what I pull when I’m focused on you are definitely high. I’ve been doing online readings since 2015 and I haven’t gotten a complaint yet (fingers crossed!).

i come from a super religious background. Is tarot blasphemous?

The Practical Magic approach to tarot is based on psychology. We’re not worshipping any deities or forming a cult. We’re just trying to understand ourselves better, building self-awareness, empowerment, and (I hope) a little more compassion towards ourselves and others.



No. My readings are kept strictly to the Greenhills area. If you cannot make it to San Juan, I suggest going for an online reading instead.

Can I ask about another person?

Yes and no. Practical Magic tarot readings can only go so far as to reflect what you think or feel about the other person. This is because I’m pulling the cards exclusively for you. So if you ask whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not, the reading will explore why this is an issue for you.

Tarot cards are a tool to connect to your intuition, not hack into someone else’s psyche. I’m not psychic or a mind-reader :)

How can a deck of cards know what’s going on with me?

The tarot is a system that’s based on human experience. That means that within one deck, a huge range of emotions, situations, thoughts, passions are covered. This is the stuff that life is made of and we’ve all gone through every one of those experiences in some way, shape or form.

No matter what card you pull, you’ll be able to relate its meaning to some part of your personality, someone you know, to something that’s happened to you, or even to something you want or don’t want to happen to you.

How long do I have to wait between readings?

I like to let a reading sit for at least a month. Not everything that comes up will click right away. Like a good stew, you’ve got to let the insights simmer for a while.

Let your life pan out, give the reading some room to breathe, and come back to the cards with a different mindset, different set of concerns, and with (even just a little bit of) growth.

I just went to another reader and want to check if what they say and you say are the same thing. How accurate are your tarot readings?

If you’re checking on accuracy, I’m probably not the right tarot reader for you! Practical Magic involves deep and serious soul work that aims to answer the why’s and how’s of the present. You’ll only get as much value from it as the amount of work, presence, and agency you’re willing to put in.

My job as the reader is to help you connect to your intuition, not fulfill a checklist. :)