Tap into your intuition.

Be clear about your intention.

Make 2018 YOUR year of powerful action!

Join us for Inkling: a writing, tarot and life coaching retreat.



Inkling is an all-women intuitive retreat that uses tarot, writing and life coaching to make 2018 your most powerful and purposeful year. 

It will be held from February 2 to 4, 2018.

What Inkling is all about

  • Inkling is a three-day retreat for uncovering your essential self, discovering what you truly want and recovering from the rigors of city life so you can have the energy to create the life YOU want, not the one everyone is demanding you should have.

  • Your partner in all of this: your intuition.
  • And how do you tap into this power? Through the tools of tarot, journaling and life coaching.


Tarot will not be used for predicting the future. Instead, tarot will guide you to uncover what you need to know about yourself and your direction.

Writing, specifically journaling

This is not about writing to "Dear Diary." Instead, journaling is your way of digging deeper and allowing your intuitive voice to show up on the page.

Life coaching

With deeper knowledge comes the responsibility of making things happen. Life coaching is your tool so you can take powerful action to change your life.

  • It's NOT a weekend for fortune-telling, woo or dancing naked underneath the moon (although we won't stop you if that's what you feel called to do).
  • Instead, it is a weekend of joyful connection, of open hearts, of expansion and exploration, of calm, rest and peace.

Here are the details

Who is this for: Inkling is for open-hearted women who are ready to listen to their intuition and take powerful action to meaningfully change their lives in 2018.

When: February 2-4, 2018

Where: A beautiful home called Villa Sena in Tagaytay, with breathtaking views of the lake. The rooms are double-sharing. You will each have your own full-sized bed.

What's included: 

  • All meals (including afternoon merienda), all cooked by an amazing personal chef
  • Two workshops and all materials
  • One tarot reading
  • One life coaching session
  • An intuition kit which will include your own set of tarot cards, a journal and other fun surprises
  • Transportation to and from Villa Sena

What to bring: Warm clothes (It will be cold in Tagaytay in early February!) If you dare, you can also bring a bathing suit because there's a pool.  We will email you a more comprehensive list when it's closer to the retreat dates.

How much: The early bird rate is P25,000 (We have a lovely installment plan for you—in the FAQs below—where you'll be spreading payments out over the next  few months. The early bird rate will expire on September 30. By October 1, the regular rate of P35,000 will apply.)

Who's joining you during the retreat

Inkling is just for 10 women (we hope one of them will be you!), one tarot mentor and one life coach.  Here's a quick introduction to us:


Chinggay Labrador: Chinggay has been reading tarot since she was 18. That practice, along with creative writing and flow and yin yoga, have made her realize that while these disciplines are vastly different, they have, in one way or another, contributed to deep healing and meaningful growth in her life. She believes that "magic doesn't have to be out of our grasp" and that "you don't have to be woo-woo to get it."


Aurora M. Suarez: Aurora is a certified Courageous Living life and career coach who helps amazing women craft a life they love.  She supports them in getting from where they are to where they want to be to feel happy, aligned with their purpose and fulfilled. Her tools are clarity, connection and courageous action so they can make meaningful and powerful changes in their lives.

I'm convinced.  I can't wait to join! 



You talked about the installment plan.  Can you tell me more about it? 

First payment (due on September 30):  P9,000 (Please note that the first payment is non-refundable.)

Second payment (due on October 31):  P7,000

Third payment (due on November 30):  P5,000

Fourth payment (due on January 15):  P4,000


Click here to register.  

We accept payments via Paypal (you can use your credit card even if you don't have a Paypal account) or bank deposit.  If you pay via Paypal or credit card, we will have to add an additional 4.4% +P15.  An invoice will be sent upon registration.

Isn't tarot the work of the devil?

We believe that the power and magic of tarot lie not in the cards themselves but in your connection to them. The cards are neutral and are neither a force for good or evil. They are merely tools to uncover what you need to know about ourselves so you can make meaningful change happen.

If your religious and spiritual beliefs are in conflict with the use of tarot, then this might not be the retreat for you.

What's the schedule?

We will leave Manila early on February 2 so we can get to Villa Sena by lunch time.  There will be two workshops spread out over the three days.  In between, you can schedule your tarot and life coaching sessions.  Beyond that, the schedule is yours to do as you please, so you can relax by the pool, swim, commune with nature, take long inspiring walks around the neighborhood and journal.  In the mornings, you can join Aurora for a short ten-minute meditation before breakfast. At night, we will chill with wine, snacks and stories. 
On February 4, we will leave Tagaytay after lunch and make it back to Manila by late afternoon.

What exactly will I get out of this retreat?

Chinggay and I both believe in using our intuition as one of the tools to guide us. Intuition is usually defined as "gut feel," "kutob," or "inner voice." What we've noticed, however, is that in our always-on, social-media-influenced world, women have been ignoring their intuition and favoring others' opinions on how to live their lives.
This retreat will allow you to listen to your intuition again. We will also show you how to use tarot and journaling to guide you throughout the year. We will also map out an action plan so you can take action on the insights you received during our weekend together.
Most importantly, it's a time to joyfully connect not only with yourself but also like-minded women, to find calm and peace, to discover a more expansive way of thinking and being.

Still have questions? Email us at writeawayph@gmail.com.


I'm ready to join Inkling.

This is the kind of retreat I've always wanted!