The Love Lesson IRL

30 to 45 minutes of straight-shooting love advice, PhP 1000

Love gets its own special reading because it’s one of those niggling topics that gets under your skin in a huge way.

Whether you’re dealing with romance, self-love, a breakup, friendships, or complicated family stuff, feeling misaligned and imbalanced when it comes to love can throw us off our game.

The Love Lesson grounds you in the present and helps you get a better sense of your situation. If you feel like your emotions are all over the place, this reading helps you see the big picture.

We also ask specific questions to help you identify what you could use more support in, what your strengths are, and specific actions you can take to feel better where you’re at. The Love Lesson wraps up with three clear steps to move forward for your best and highest good.

*One Love Lesson reading is good for one specific area of focus.

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