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60 to 75 minutes of straight-up advice, P2000

Sometimes, you just want to advice even if you don’t have any questions to ask. You know those days, when you feel like your life needs an extra zhuzh but don’t exactly know where you need it?

This reading goes very in-depth, providing you with some insight on what’s going on deep deep down so you can figure out why that niggling “life can be better” feeling is coming from.

The No Questions Reading doesn’t leave you hanging, however. After helping you establish why you’re feeling not-100%-content but not-super-sad either, it’ll point you in certain directions you can take and pursue across different areas of your life.

Perfect for people who’d rather not share the intimate details of their life, this one works solely on the basis of trust. My job is to interpret the cards, your job is to take what I say home and process it yourself.

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