THE Practical + Magical IRL

60 to 75 minutes of stress-busting, mood-lifting tarot, P1200

When life feels crazy (ie, turning a year older, shifting careers, ending or starting a relationship, moving countries), it’s important to get some grounding so you don’t completely flip out.

First, we figure out which area of life demands your focus and attention right now so you get a handle of your situation immediately.

Second, we probe deeper and investigate your current issue, what blocks you’re running into, and how this all relates to what your past has taught you and what you may find challenging about the future.

Third, we move into specific advice and guidance—practical things you can implement today to help empower you and drive you forward in the most grounded and practical way possible.

Fourth, you have the option of asking five questions. No Yes-No inquiries allowed! Practical Magic makes use of the why’s, how’s and what can you tell me about’s because they yield deeper and more valuable answers.

Simple is hard and that is exactly what Chinggay achieves with her tarot readings.
She tackles big topics, explaining them with ease, and helps you leave with a sense of clarity vs confusion. I highly recommend her!
— Anika

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