Mystic Matter, E-Mail Reading

Three-page PDF of your Birth Card + 12 Houses - $40

Five to six-page PDF of your Natal Chart with Tarot Correspondences + Birth card + 12 Houses - $50

Think of this as a cosmic reference you can to turn to whenever you want to center. Your planets, combined with their tarot counterparts, are powerful tools in deciphering your personality so you can live more authentically, interact better with others, and learn how to optimize the environment you're in.

Disclaimer—this reading isn't about horoscopes and predicting the future! In the same way we use the tarot to help you connect to your intuition, we're using the stars to pinpoint ways you can highlight the best aspects of yourself, and reflect on your darker (often hidden) side.


What's included:

  • Your birth card is a signifier that combines numerology and the tarot. This can help you focus on your strengths and identify weaknesses that can get in the way of your goals and vision.
  • A 12 house reading zooms in on different planetary aspects of your life and provides you with tarot insight. Perfect for those seeking structure (especially when you feel like you're floating through life!), this reading gives you specific guidelines for tackling areas of your life from relationships to love to career to higher purpose. 
    • Your 12 house reading is not set in stone. It is a recommendation based on tarot card pulls (which means you can book this every month, every quarter, half year or year and still get different results).
  • Your natal chart plots out the planets and their positions when you were born. I put a different spin on your chart by combining it with specific tarot archetypes that represent your planets.

You're required to send your birth date, birth time (this is recommended but optional), and the city you were born in if you're getting your natal chart read.