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The Mystic Matter

A six page PDF delivered to your inbox, $50

Think of this as a cosmic reference you can to turn to whenever you need to center. Your planets combined with their tarot counterparts, are powerful tools in deciphering your personality.

Disclaimer—this reading isn't about horoscopes and predicting the future! In the same way we use the tarot to help you connect to your intuition, we're using the stars to pinpoint ways you can highlight the best aspects of yourself, and reflect on your darker (often hidden) side.

What's included:

  • Your birth card. Numerology and tarot come together to give you your own personal archetype.

  • Your natal chart. Through the planets and their positions when you were born, I map out different aspects of your personality. Combined with the tarot and pop culture icons, this provides you with different ways to look at your psyche.

  • Your 12 House reading. This reading offers present advice* for 12 specific aspects of your life, as prescribed by the houses of astrology. This reading is great for those seeking structure—especially when you feel like you're floating through life!

*The 12 House reading is not set in stone, unlike your birth card and natal chart. It provides time-sensitive advice.

What I need from you:

  • Birth date.

  • City of birth.

  • Birth time — optional.