Sometimes, life takes us up, down, and all around!

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Wide-eyed Sammie Hsu can’t wait to explore New York City.

She goes on a thrill-seeking adventure that introduces her to crazy new characters and takes her to fun places near and far.

Join Sammie in her romp through the city and pick up a lesson or two (or three!) about life and how the world works.

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Sammie’s Up Down and Around Adventure

takes kids on a riotous, fun, and meaningful walk through what grown-ups call “The Fools Journey.”

It’s a story of self-discovery where each chapter represents the different experiences we all encounter up, down, and around life—no matter what age we are.

WHo can read sammie’s up down and around adventure?

This 44-page story book is for both kids and kids at heart!

•Little kids may need a little help from adults reading the verses, but will love looking at the colorful illustrations.
• 7 and 8 year olds will be able to read this book on their own.
There are some big words (to help boost their vocabs!), so it’ll be good to have adults on hand to answer any questions.
• Adults can use this simple story to reflect on life’s big lessons (while getting some New York travel inspo) too!

This book is a self-published passion project created by Manila-based author Chinggay Labrador and illustrator Alysse Asilo.

Want to make your Sammie experience even more extra?

sammie’s story cards

are 22 cards that you can use to create your very own Sammie story and adventure.

These cards are a fun way to teach kids that all our experiences have lessons to teach us.

Sammie’s Story Cards may be shuffled and flipped over to prompt kids and grown-ups to tell their own stories.

You can base your Sammie story on what you remember from Sammie’s Up Down and Around Adventure (it makes a colorful memory game!). Or, you can also use these cards to cook up your own stories based on whatever your imagination can come up with!

The cards are numbered to help you remember the sequence of events from the book, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix everything up.
After all, doesn’t life feel like a mixed-up whirlwind most of the time?

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How much does it cost?

Sammie’s Up Down and Around Adventure Book : PhP 600
Sammie’s Story Cards : PhP 500
Sammie’s Book and Card Set : PhP 1000

+ shipping and handling

International Orders
Sammie’s Up Down and Around Adventure Book : $16
Sammie’s Story Cards : $12
Sammie’s Book and Card Set : $25

+ shipping and handling

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