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THe Q&A Quickie

A one page reading delivered to your inbox, $20
Readings booked starting March 17 will be sent first week of May 2019

When you’ve got a question you can’t get out of your head, the tarot can provide the jolt of inspiration, confidence boost, or guidance you’re looking for.

The magical equivalent of an espresso shot, this reading contains three to four tarot / oracle cards. What you get is straightforward advice that can help uplift your mood or put you into a better head + heart space.

As soon as you purchase your reading, I’ll send you an intake form.

I first met Chinggay early this year, and always knew I wanted her to read for me again. So when I felt like I was unable to trust myself with my own reading last May, I approached her for an email reading—and it was exactly what I needed.

Chinggay approached me immediately to clarify my questions and intentions, and got back to me in a couple of days with a neat, beautifully written (and photographed) reading.

Talking to Chinggay is like talking to a friend or an older sister. Even over email, she speaks with warmth and clarity, and always reminds you that you’re in charge of your own fate. Her choice of words, and deck, went perfectly together, and gave me the boost I needed to power through that time. Looking back at the reading still brings me comfort months later.
— Katya