Reading Subscriptions

Three months of 800 to 1000-word PDFs sent to your inbox — you choose which months, $90

Six consecutive months of 800 to 1000-word PDFs sent to your inbox — you choose when you want your subscription to start, $170

When you want a regular wake-up call or a periodic check-in with your Self, committing to regular tarot readings helps. Think of seeing your dentist every quarter or reporting to your GP three times a year to make sure your health is in check—this is not much different.

These subscriptions provide you with full and in-depth e-mail readings that you can look over as they come in. The insights you and I will draw from the cards will come in handy in the weeks (or months) between each reading. By the end of your subscription, you will have a set of tangible documents that will reflect the life changes you've gone through. Your readings, combined, can help tell the story of your life over a course of time.

Choosing three months allows you flexibility—you can choose the months your readings will come in to give you enough time and space to absorb every message that the cards bring.

Opting for the six-month subscription will help you track your journey through specific goals and half-year transitions in your life. The benefit of having monthly readings is the incredible self-awareness that comes with being reminded, every 30 days, about what you need to focus on and what you want and need for yourself.