Practical Magic offers three main types of readings, but because nothing is ever set (online or in real life), we make concessions for special requests and out-of-the-box alternatives. If what you're looking for isn't listed here, navigate your way to the Contact Form so we can figure out something that works for everyone.


In-Person Readings

For when you want to take things IRL, with two options.

PhP 750 to 1200


E-Mail Reading, Mini

For when you need a quick dose of magical inspiration.



E-Mail Reading, Full

For when you need to sort some major things out.



Mystic Matter E-mail Reading

For when you want to turn to the stars and astrology.



Reading Subscriptions

For when you need monthly guidance from the cards.

$90 to $170


Mystic Matter In-Person Reading

For star-centered + tarot-based insights IRL, with two options.

PhP 900 to 1800