I’ve had an aversion to tarot readings since an uncomfortable encounter with a psychic in NYC many years ago. A reading with Chinggay changed all that. With what can only be described as conversation with a good friend, I got the clarity I absolutely needed. Questions were answered, and nerves were calmed. I’d definitely recommend a reading with Chinggay to anyone needing that nudge in the right life direction. 
— Mikko

I’m not bringing my computer (and all the decks) with me as I travel, so if you’re willing to book now and get your reading FIRST WEEK OF MAY, click on through :)

Tell me what’s up and I’ll focus on your concerns while I shuffle and pull cards for you.

Online readings work on the basis of trust, clear intention and synchronicity.

After three days, you’ll receive a PDF with photos of your cards and a write-up you can go back to whenever you want.


I’m traveling right now so in-person readings are a no-go for now.

Let’s meet up over cards and a cuppa*.

These one-on-one readings offer you a safe space to share what’s going on. We’ll work to figure things out and hash out solutions together.

Think of it as a regular visit to your (tarot) doctor—we start with a consult and you leave with a prescription.


*One-on-ones are available in the Greenhills (Metro Manila) area. Sorry guys, no exceptions.

Chinggay’s tarot reading came at the perfect time for me. It helped me accept the rough situation I was in and assuaged the doubts that were plaguing my mind. She has an uncanny way of connecting the tarot cards to your life story—magically weaving the two to review to your past, tell your present, and give you sound guidance for the future.
— Ruth