What people are saying…

Chinggay is a good surprise. Aside from guidance; she was able to shift my perception and change my attitude towards this so-called adventure called life. She is very well-composed when you meet her initially but her words are quite captivating which will encourage you to move and lead you to where you’re supposed to be. The exchange of energy with Chinggay is quite magical and always unforgettable.  The session (either face to face or via email) is always worth more than what you expected—leaving you with a huge grin on your face and excited for whatever lies ahead. —Char, 32

I’ve had this aversion to tarot readings since an uncomfortable encounter with a psychic in NYC many years ago. A reading with Chinggay changed all that. With what can only be described as conversation with a good friend, I got the clarity I absolutely needed. Questions were answered, and nerves were calmed. I’d definitely recommend a reading with Chinggay to anyone needing that nudge in the right life direction. 
—Mikko, 33

Simple is hard and that is exactly what Chinggay achieves-—tackling big topics, explaining them with ease, and helping you leave with a sense of clarity vs confusion. Highly recommend her!
—Anika, writer and editor

Chinggay's calm energy and sharp intuition led me to insights about the direction for the next stages of my life. She gave me confirmation and thus, the confidence I needed to courageously move forward. If you're looking for a guide to help you with your life's questions, I suggest you book a session with her today.
Aurora M. Suarez, life coach

My email reading came promptly, and was one of the cleanest and most thoughtful readings I've ever had (and I've had quite a few!). I had an immediate, heartfelt connection with the deck Chinggay used too. The answers I got were comprehensive and yet still felt bite-sized — they didn't feel fluffy, stuffy or overinflated at all. She gave me next-step suggestions to help me, first, better articulate where I was at the moment, and second, how to efficiently get where I wanted to be. Simple, non-esoteric and absolutely the most fun I've had at a remote reading! Nothing but love for Practical Magic!
—Eunice, 34

Chinggay has been reading my cards for years and she always addresses whatever issues I have at that particular time. But the most remarkable thing so far in the course of our ‘reading’ history is when the same cards turned up for me again and again for about a year! Yep. Same set of cards, I kid you not. She then told me that the cards will never change unless I do. And guess what? The cards did change when I finally did. So I guess, this means two things, first–we are indeed the masters of our fate. Second–that Chinggay is the real deal.
–Coni, 35

Whenever I ask Chinggay to do a tarot reading, she always makes it easy, relevant and empowering. I like how she helps clarify and reaffirms the many voiceless questions in my head, and ends the session with helpful advice. I always feel better after a reading, it's almost therapeutic. She also give you a feel-good oracle card at the end! I definitely look forward to my next tarot card reading with her.
—Katsu, 33

I was a bit hesitant to attend my first ever tarot reading session, but I ended up enjoying it. It was not frightening at all—it was just like talking to a friend and getting advice for questions about life and love.
—Mara, 30

Chinggay's tarot reading came at the perfect time. It helped me accept the rough situation I was in and assuaged the doubts that were plaguing my mind. She has an uncanny way of connecting the tarot cards to your life story—magically weaving the two to review to your past, tell your present, and give you sound guidance for the future.
—Ruth, 37

Chinggay's reading helped me figure my way through some hard decisions. I also appreciated her practical advice on giving time and importance to myself. It's really something you shouldn't take for granted."
—Steph, 32