Practical Magic
Practical Magic
Practical + Magical tarot readings to help you get through confusion and take you straight to self-empowerment. No scary weird stuff here ⚡

 Access your inner magic.

Connect to your intuition. Uncover all the possibilities the future holds for you.

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The Practical Magic Deck helps shift you from confusion to clarity.

Move from overwhelm to calm, and then to clear, self-empowered action. This intuitive tarot deck gives you readings that go straight to the point—no scary stuff.




Nothing but love for practical magic!

My email reading came promptly, and was one of the cleanest and most thoughtful readings I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few!). I had an immediate, heartfelt connection with the deck Chinggay used too. The answers I got were comprehensive and yet still felt bite-sized — they didn’t feel fluffy, stuffy or overinflated at all. She gave me next-step suggestions to help me, first, better articulate where I was at the moment, and second, how to efficiently get where I wanted to be. Simple, non-esoteric and absolutely the most fun I’ve had at a remote reading!

— Eunice


1. We listen to your symptoms without judgement.

Every Practical Magic tarot reading starts with getting the lay of the land. We want to figure out where your head and heart are at in the present moment by processing the thoughts and emotions that overwhelm and confuse you.

2. We Tap into magical medicine through the cards.

Through the archetypes depicted in the cards, we’re able to figure out what’s behind all the stress and drama and understand what’s going on clearly. This is because tarot’s symbolism helps you connect deeply to your intuition and inner wisdom.

3. We Draw up game plans that align with your highest self.

Now that you’ve gained clarity, it’s easier to explore the possibilities that lay ahead. Practical Magic tarot readings inspire and empower you to take action and act in alignment with your deep inner knowing.


Learn to read tarot the Practical Magic way with your very own deck.

The Practical Magic starter deck

connects you to your intuition in a fun + fresh, modern way.

( PS: no scary / weird stuff )

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