Practical Magic employs tarot and oracle cards to help you access insight on everyday issues and big life questions. You'll find that most of the answers you seek already lie within you. The cards simply help you reconnect to your fundamental truths so you can create strategies that enable you to approach your life empowered, inspired and motivated.


Through readings both on and offline, Practical Magic makes room for you to experience and cultivate change—the kind that sparks wonder. It isn't airy fairy. All the cards give is no-nonsense, sensible guidance that's perfectly pragmatic. Practical Magic gives you the information you need to take the necessary steps towards meaningful change.





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Many people feel most comfortable with a face to face reading, where they're able to shuffle the cards themselves and give spontaneous input. These readings typically start out with an assessment of what's going on presently, and then move on to more specific concerns (prepare any questions you may want answers to!). We don't predict the future, but we try to figure out the possible paths that lie ahead.

A regular session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. 

PhP 750

If you really want to go in-depth or are celebrating a birthday, kicking off the new year or are wanting to figure your way out of a particularly challenging situation, you may opt for a more involved reading that lasts 60 to 75 minutes.

PhP 1200


Sometimes, all you need is a quick draw to give you straight up advice. This three to four card reading gives you bite-sized advice—think of it as a shot of espresso: invigorating, easy to digest and something that can help you navigate your way through rough patches.

As soon as I receive your payment, I'll work on your cards and have a PDF in your inbox within three days. This is particularly useful when our schedules don't match up or if we find ourselves in different time zones.




For pressing concerns, it helps to have a guide you can keep looking back on every now and then. An e-mail reading gives you a chance to check back on the 12 to 15 cards I pull for you as many times as you need.

We start these readings out with an e-mail exchange. First, I want to find out if there are any pressing issues or areas of your life you'd like the cards to focus on. Second, I ask for specific questions you would like answers to. Remember that the cards can't predict the future, but can help you identify the different options (there are always options!) that lie ahead.

As soon as your payment comes through, I'll work on your cards and turn over an 800 to 1000 word PDF to you within three days. I find that this type of reading works best when you prefer to keep things on the down low and have a tough time talking things out in person.



Tarot isn't just a useful tool for navigating life, it makes for a fun party trick too. If you're looking to add some entertainment to a shower, birthday 'do or company event, I can make it to your venue and sling cards for your guests.

Starts at PhP 4,000 for three hours




The stars and the planets can tell us a lot about our personalities, traits and behavior. Dynamic Astrology marks the planets and houses at the time of your birth, and uses these placements to clue you in on your habits, tendencies, and what you can improve about the way you conduct yourself and interact with others.

Combining your natal chart with the planets' correspondences in the tarot provides a road map of who you are at present so you can make better choices for the future. These Mystic Matter readings aren't meant to predict what'll happen next. Instead, they help you get a hold of who you are today so you can live more intentionally and more meaningfully.

In-Person reading tackling your birth card and 12 planetary aspects of your life. A session lasts 45 minutes. 
PhP 900
In-Person reading tackling your birth card and 12 planetary aspects of your life. Plus, you get a printed copy of your planetary birth chart and its tarot correspondences. A session lasts 60 minutes.
PhP 1800

E-mail reading with a three-page PDF detailing your birth card and 12 planetary aspects of your life.

E-mail reading providing you with a detailed five to six-page PDF discussing your birth card, and mapping your natal chart and its tarot correspondences. The reading wraps up with a tarot reading tackling the 12 planetary aspects of your life.  


Tarot is a wonderful way to check in with yourself. The insights that come from readings can help you assess your present state and allow you to plan out your next steps. 

Now, imagine having a way to check in with yourself monthly. You're able to track specific goals and personal passion projects, observe how you deal with relationships in your life, and see how your story unfolds more clearly. 

I'm a big believer that self-awareness helps you live your life with clarity and purpose. Having regular monthly tarot readings allows you to recognize your starting point, set your benchmarks and end goals, and acknowledge all the magic that happens in between.

A subscription will give you access to monthly full e-mail readings delivered straight to your inbox.

Three months $90
Six months $170


Tarot and oracle cards are great for sorting out all sorts of confusion your subconscious may be giving you. If you want to try your hand at analyzing your dreams, making a tough call between two choices, figuring out a progression your life needs, the cards can help. I can incorporate these concerns into your readings, as long as you give me a heads up.

Prices may vary according to your requirements



Satisfied Customers

Chinggay is a good surprise. Aside from guidance; she was able to shift my perception and change my attitude towards this adventure called life. She is very well-composed when you meet her initially. Her words are quite captivating, encouraging you to move toward where you’re supposed to be. The exchange of energy with Chinggay is quite magical and always unforgettable. The session (either face to face or via email) is always worth more than what you expected—leaving you with a huge grin on your face and excited for whatever lies ahead.
— Char
I’ve had this aversion to tarot readings since an uncomfortable encounter with a psychic in NYC many years ago. A reading with Chinggay changed all that. With what can only be described as conversation with a good friend, I got the clarity I absolutely needed. Questions were answered, and nerves were calmed. I’d definitely recommend a reading with Chinggay to anyone needing that nudge in the right life direction. 
— Mikko
Chinggay’s calm energy and sharp intuition led me to insights about the direction for the next stages of my life. She gave me confirmation and thus, the confidence I needed to courageously move forward. If you’re looking for a guide to help you with your life’s questions, I suggest you book a session with her today.
— Aurora
My email reading came promptly, and was one of the cleanest and most thoughtful readings I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few!). I had an immediate, heartfelt connection with the deck Chinggay used too. The answers I got were comprehensive and yet still felt bite-sized — they didn’t feel fluffy, stuffy or overinflated at all. She gave me next-step suggestions to help me, first, better articulate where I was at the moment, and second, how to efficiently get where I wanted to be. Simple, non-esoteric and absolutely the most fun I’ve had at a remote reading! Nothing but love for Practical Magic!
— Eunice




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